Virtual Secretarial Service is a friendly and professional company offering premium secretarial services and administrative support for businesses and individuals.


How can we help you?

  • Transcription/Copy typing
  • Help with your to-do list
  • Book accommodation and travel
  • Call Answering Service
  • Diary Management
  • Proofreading
  • Document Formatting
  • Research
  • Data Entry Service
  • Invoicing
  • Writing and blog posts
  • and much more…

About Us

VSS was founded by Amanda Faramus in 2007, after spending 17 years in the public sector.  VSS is a well-established business and has become a valuable asset to many businesses across the UK and internationally.

All of our Virtual Assistants are personally interviewed and assessed by Amanda ensuring that only the best candidates progress to become part of the team.

You can be assured of top quality services when working with VSS.


Amanda Faramus

Packages we can offer

Secretarial Support

Secretarial Support

We charge on an hourly or project basis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and timeframes and we will supply you with a competitive quotation.

Retainer Packages

Retainer Packages

The Retainer Service is useful when you know you will have a regular amount of work each month. This way we can get to know the business and/or person.

Call Answering Packages

Call Answering Packages

We offer a number of different call answering packages designed to suit your volume of calls. Please contact us for further details.


Jean-Pierre De Villiers - JPDV Global Ltd.

“Amanda is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my business. She’s been working with me for almost a decade and I mean it when I say that my business literally couldn’t operate and be fully functional without her.

Amanda gets stuff done. It’s that simple. She doesn’t stay within the lines, Amanda does whatever it takes to get the job done. She is 100% committed to her career and often stretches way beyond what’s expected of her.

The support, love and care Amanda has showed me and my business over the years is testament to the type of person she is. Amanda is extraordinary. I’m grateful every day for having her in my life. I travel a lot in my career and life.

This year I haven’t been home for longer than 3 weeks at a time. Having Amanda take care of all areas of my business while I’m not available allows me to keep doing what I do best and growing my business to its full potential.

Thanks Amanda! Xxx”

Chris Arundel - Director , GSC Grays Land & Property Specialists

“VSS has provided my firm with a highly effective service; very friendly and interested in your work, competitive rates adaptive to your requirements and without fail, the work is returned within the agreed parameters in a complete and accurate form.

VSS insist on confidentiality clauses which is key to establishing trust between parties and I found Amanda to be extremely helpful on the technical set-up of what was required in order to establish the correct communication links. At the end of the day, I am paying a bill and I am not paying an employee which, for the type of work we undertake, is ideal. I would thoroughly recommend the service.”

Tony Dunne - Murdoch Asset Management

“VSS have been providing a service for us for more than five years and it has been transformational in the way we operate our business, not only is the work speedily returned, its accuracy is excellent and they will always go the extra mile in double checking that addresses are correct or looking up a phone number on the internet if the information is missing.

In the initial stages of working together VSS were keen to learn our way of doing things and were able to easily adapt to our terminology – technical financial jargon.  VSS have has also provided call divert services whilst we have had the office closed for brief periods and has managed that efficiently and effectively and as far as our clients were concerned there was no difference between our normal service and this.

VSS is now an integral and essential part of the way we operate our business and I can highly commend this service to you and would be happy to discuss this if you wish to contact me personally.”

Poppy Sprague - Practitioner Psychologist

“Amanda is an incredibly dynamic person and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is quick to understand the culture and personality of the business and typically addresses issues not considered. She works as an ally and confidant. I respect her work enormously and am always assured by her communication style.

You’d be very fortunate to get to work with her.”

Avni Trivedi - Osteopath, Avni Touch

“I used to do my own paperwork and found it boring and a timewaster. As a solopreneur, I thought that secretarial services would be expensive.

A colleague introduced me to Amanda and her team and they have been such a blessing. What they can do in a short time would take me much longer to do. It’s so nice having clear tasks that I can delegate, and free my time and my head for more interesting projects.

Amanda is a ‘can-do’ person and she is a pleasure to work with. I don’t require a lot of admin time, but I still feel very cared for and work much better in this way.”

Bill Coulson - (CMIOSH) , UK Safety Services

“UK Safety Services have been utilising the services of Virtual Secretarial Services since 2007 and can confirm that they are reliable, flexible and excellent value for the work undertaken on behalf of our organisation.

They have supported our business with a professionalism that is a credit to their approach towards assisting businesses to develop and grow. Their administration skills have enabled us to operate our office and business remotely in our absence which has greatly increased our capacity to undertake work on behalf of our clients.

We are more than happy to recommend Virtual Secretarial Service as a competent and reliable service provider.”

Amanda dos Santos

“I have used Virtual Secretarial Service which was incredibly fast and detailed for the amount of time we had.

Amanda and her team did an amazing job helping me organise my two month European Road Trip.

Since it was my first time driving around Europe on my own I asked that a route be created, help with finding things to do and places to stay. They found some amazing Apps for healthy vegan foods which I love, yoga and many others things.

I felt extremely safe on my trip thanks to Virtual Secretarial Service.

I highly recommend and will definitely use them again! ”

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