Packages & Rates

We offer the option of using us on an ad-hoc basis, for which we charge £24 per hour and if you anticipate needing us over a longer period we offer hour-based packages at a discounted rate. The choice is yours.

We have the following monthly packages available:

10 hours

  • £230 (save £10)

20 hours

  • £440 (save £40)

30 hours

  • £630 (save £90)

40 hours

  • £800 (save £160)

Please note unused hours rollover for a period of 3 months.


“I used to do my own paperwork and found it boring and a timewaster. As a solopreneur, I thought that secretarial services would be expensive. A colleague introduced me to Amanda and her team and they have been such a blessing. What they can do in a short time would take me much longer to do.

It’s so nice having clear tasks that I can delegate, and free my time and my head for more interesting projects. Amanda is a ‘can-do’ person and she is a pleasure to work with. I don’t require a lot of admin time, but I still feel very cared for and work much better in this way.”

Avni Trivedi

Osteopath, Avni Touch

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Mobile: 07585 110163

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